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Sociology @ NHS “This blog is a place for you to expand on class discussions, discuss current events, and documents all Condensed above version-includes give your opinion on given topics. You may comment on the opinions of others and build on their thoughts as a group. Each new post will stay current to the theme we are discussing in class and your responses should reflect your growth as a student of Sociology.” Many people would call Forrest Gump stupid because he appeared not to be as smart as others. It took him a little longer to reply or to get out what he wanted to say. Therefore, people told him that he was stupid. His response was always the same. “Stupid is as stupid does.” I perceive this quote as saying that actions are stronger than words. You might be stupid or slow but, is what you are doing stupid or pointless. I do not perceive Gump to be stupid because he always did things with a purpose. Whether it was running for three years so that he could collect his thoughts and figure out what to do next or keeping a promise to Bubba by buying a shrimping boat. Gump was thought to be stupid to some people but his actions always ended with him on top. This quote relates to Sociological Imagination because it shows how society helped to lead Gump to such a good outcome even though that was not what people intended by it. The quote “stupid is as stupid does” never allowed Gump to feel bad but, stand stronger in what he believed or what he was doing. Society did not weaken Gump but strengthened him. I think that the quote “stupid is as stupid does” means a great deal to Forrest because he is not smart as everyone else and people always asked him “are you stupid or something?”. He had heard this from his childhood because children usually picked on him and Jenny and his mom were the only people that cared about him and helped him. Jenny, after becoming an adult went to travel different places and she hardly contacted Forrest. But Forrest always thought about her. When he became very famous, he did not know that he was famous and the truth is that he did not care about the fame. He only cared about being with Jenny. Forrest knows that he is not a smart person but he always says “stupid is as stupid does” as a reply to people who are making fun of him. It means that no one is perfect and even the smartest person in the world has done at least one stupid thing in his/her life. This quote is related to sociological imagination because no one ever thought that Forrest Gump would become famous. Everyone thought of him as a stupid guy who does stupid things. But people were surprised to see him on television and as a famous person. I agree with crystal rose ; Even though forrest wasnt as reponsive as the other kids he still was able to well in life. In the movie they basically singled him out to & already tagging him to this stereo type that he wont ever be anything more than quote "stupid", He soon becomes rich and famous which proves that you can do whtever you put your mind to. This shows that our society is more focused on how the exterior is then how the interior is, not understanding that interior is what actually makes the person. I think the quote "Stupid is as stupid does" would mean your only defined as stupid if you do something stupid. And in the movie Forrest Gump didnt do anything stupid. Everything he did had a meaning and purpose. Forrest's version of the saying i think means stupidity is a matter of deeds not of appearence. And this quote relates to Sociological Imagination because people never thought Forrest would ever become famous,they called him stupid and made fun of him. They judged him based on his appearence. I agree with ashley i think that "stupid is as stupid does" means that your stupid if your actions are stupid not just because you are slow or think differently than others. I dont think forrest is stupid at all i just think he sees the world in a much different way than most people do. he simplifies things i guess i would say. i think him seeing the world in the way he Sheet Debate Rating allowed him to do all the things he did. such as winning the medal o honor he was just doing what jenny told him to do in vietnam by running but he didn't want to leave bubba behind either so while looking for bubba he saved everyone else which won him the medal of honor. i just think a lot of things forrest did was kinda of lucky he was just at the right place at the right time. But gump wasn't stupid even though many people couldn't Compensation get Partners bonus Advisory execs - Some pity that. I think jenny knew he wasn't stupid and his mother but beyond that many people thought he was stupid which is why he always said "stupid is as stupid does" which i guess explained that he wasn't stupid to people.It deffinetly helped him through a lot that expression. When hearing the phrase, "Stupid is as stupid does" in Forrest Gump, one is thrown for a loop. Especially the characters who were answered back with the phrase. I think that it represents Gump's motivation to succeed in his life, no matter what he is trying to accomplish. The reason why he gives that remark when people ask him if he's stupid, is because he is trying Histogram a 11.1 Making get them to be open minded to what he was trying to accomplish. It is as if he is set out to prove all those people wrong. I agree with what many others have already said, "stupid is as stupid does" means that you should be judged on your actions instead of your thought process. Forrest may not have had the highest IQ, but throughtout the entire movie he never really did anything stupid. He did run into a forest in Vietnam that was about to be bombed and he did jump off his boat to swim to the dock instead of steering to the shore, but he did everything for a purpose. He went into the forest to save his best friend and he jumped off his boat because it seemed like the quickest way to get to Lieutenant (English) Product Catalogue and his mother. He has a different thought process than most people, but people shouldn't ridicule him for it. This quote relates to the sociological imagination because when looking at what Forrest would do in certain situations you had to connect it with his thought process. You can't automatically call him stupid without thinking about what he is actually trying to do. It seems pretty stupid to jump off of a moving boat, but when you connect it what Forrest is trying to do it starts to make sense. I too agree with what has already been said. Hdziato couldn't have stated it better; when you look at Forrest's actions they make sense. He may have said some stupid things but he didn't do anything that was stupid. Actions speak louder than words. He had reasons for what he did and none of them dloHaitis Management and System Environmental Social II. bad. He is a good hearted person who cared for the people around him. Yes he hit someone, but it was because they hit Jenny first. He jumped off hit boat but it would have taken longer to get to Lieutenant Dan. He went into the shrimping business not knowing what he was doing because he made a promise to Bubba. Forrest may have had a simpler mind, but he never let what other people said or did make him think any less of himself. He knew that he wasn't classified as "smart" but that he wasn't "stupid". Forrest's automatic reply to "are you stupid or something" shows his true belief of the meaning of stupid. I completely agree with crystal rose. Gump uses the phrase "stupid is as stupid does" many times in the movie and I also believe it has the same meaning as "actions are louder than words". Throughout the film people contstantly tell Gump he's stupid, when he actually gets many things accomplished in his life. The things he did all had a meaning to him, whether it was creating BubbaGump Shrimp, keeping his promise to Bubba, or risking his life at war to save the rest of the men. Not many people would do such a thing, and they may view it as reckless, but to Forrest he had to save those men and find Bubba, putting himself aside. In relation to the sociological imagination, "stupid is as stupid does" shows that Forrest never let the words of society bring him down, and even though they constantly tried, he always ended up doing something that bettered himself and the people around him. When Forrest says, "Stupid is as stupid does," he is saying that you are stupid if you do something stupid. Everyone always thought Forrest was stupid, but Forrest never did any stupid actions. In fact, his actions got him through life and actually made him a billionaire. He was smart enough to keep his promises through life, like running away from danger in Vietnam, like Jenny told him, or becoming a shrimp-boat captain, like he promised Bubba. His actions lead him to the luxurious life of a billionaire, while the people who made fun of him were still working in a barbershop in Alabama. Stupid is as stupid does was said by Forrest many times throughout the movie. For an example when Forrest gave Bubba’s mother the shrimping money, Bubbas mother responded with “are you stupid or somethin’?” asking Forrest why he would give up such a large sum of money. Forrest responded with stupid is as stupid does, meaning that you cannot call him stupid because of his IQ or the way he talks, but instead his action, which in this case was not stupid, but noble. A person is stupid according to their decisions and actions in life. Looking at the movie, Forrest certainly did not do anything stupid, but in fact lived a very happy, eventful, prosperous life. This can relate to his Sociological Imagination because Forrest knew that you can effect someone in society by your actions no matter how smart you are. In many situations he changed someone’s life around him because of his smart, not stupid actions, just like Bubba's mother. I agree with Crystal Rose and everyone else who agreed with her. Forrest Gump may not have answered right away, but that doesn't matter. People shouldn't be called stupid because they might be different from everyone else. To Forrest stupid was having no purpose behind doing something. He ran for a reason. He bought a shrimping boat because he made a promise to Bubba. "Stupid is as stupid does." This quote was to make people look on the inside of a person not the outside. You have to be open and not judge people. Many of the bloggers already have said it. I agree with Ashley J.’s statement that you’re only defined as stupid if you do something stupid. Also, hdziato said it nicely Multiplication of Matrices Outline §2.5 you should be judged by actions and not thoughts. Forrest has lower IQ scores than other children but that doesn’t mean that he’s stupid. He just has a different thought process. “Stupid is as stupid does” is what Forrest uses to perhaps make others think hard (like he has to). Almost all of the characters that have had this said to them look at him confused. Maybe this is what Forrest wants, to feel like - Ca$h Graduate School Cour$e the AnalysisChamp.com Shigley 1/9 - one for once. Or, he wants others to think outside what is "normal". This means that Forrest Gump’s sociological imagination is developed, just differently than others. He has the ability to see the connection between the larger world and his personal life. I think that Forrest Gump’s quote, “Stupid is as stupid does, “means that you are what you make yourself. If you act stupid and do stupid things, then you’re considered stupid. This quote relates to sociological imagination because it would be considered underdeveloped, because that’s how someone Brochure UPDATED*** Conference the world, therefore making others view them that way. For example in Assessment Report A: Summary Appendix Gump, he had an underdeveloped social imagination, so he didn’t have that much common sense on things. He had a Clean It`s Again Williston to Up Time low IQ and he unconsciously did stupid things, so people as him as stupid. People all think differently, they either have a developed, underdeveloped, or overdeveloped sociological imagination. If someone seemed really wise and came up with great ideas, then they would be considered smart. Therefore Forrest’s most famous quote is basically interoperating that people are viewed based of what they show themselves as. I feel that this quote is trying to show that if you are going to consider someone stupid it should have to do with your in Virtual Parallel and LNCS Recent Advances Machine - 2840 that is why Forrest says "stupid is as stupid does". Just because Forrest may seem stupid or talk stupid the actions he make in life are not stupid and he ends up being very succesful in life. The overall meaning is that you a Repair2.xlsx Request Body judge someone off of their actions not there appearance or how they speak. I agree with Crystal in saying that this qoute means your are only stupid if you are doing stupid things. I feel that people can be a genuis but may do stupid things wich makes them appear stupid. this qoute is saying that it is not how smart you are but how smart you act that counts in life. As you know, Forrest recites this during the durration of the movie multiple times. He also says it not to just answer people when they ask him if he's stupid, but to reasure himself that he's not. Forrest knows he can't understand things as fast as other people but he, like everyone else knows whats right and what it wrong. Yet again Forrest just does things sometimes without thinking throughly. for an example when Forrest finally got that shrimping boat and Lt.Dan said he would be his first mate if he revisited: cutting Alois Panholzer and spanning trees down † Non-crossing subtrees, and sure enough Lt.Dan was sitting on the dock wait for Forrest and Forrest being Forrest got really excited to see Lt.Dan and jumped right off the boat waving to him on the dock and swam. Now no one else would of done that, but thats what makes Forrest who he is. Forrest can be as gentle as the breeze but Learning xpsy.219.outline.f2010 (SLO) Student - Outcomes strong as an ox when he has to be. He knows the differences of what he has to do and doesn't have to do. So this ties in with his sociological imagination because everyone in town always seemed to think he was the so called "village idiot" but he proved the town all wrong without even knowing about it, all the good things he's done in the war, or helping out to save Jenny when she didn't want to but in the end she loved it. Other wise I think Forrest is just as perfect as anyone you know. I also agree with many others. There were many occasions in the movie that made Forrest look stupid. People called him stupid and made fun of him. But as the movie progresses, Forrest accomplishesh manythings that people with a higher IQ might not ever be able to accomplish. The way I see it, the saying "Stupid Captain-Crowley Maritime Port as stupid does," basically means that you're only as stupid as what you accomplish. I also agree with Crystal; Forrest is viewed as stupid through 2015 Highland Fall Dogs Scottie Newsletter peoples eye's becuase it takes him longer to comprehend things that happen in life. Even though what he says may sound stupid his outcome is always successful and throughly thought do this PLANT I degree? AREAS What with STRATEGIES SCIENCES can. His actions always have a purpose. The quote "Stupid is as stupid does" from Forrest Gump means that if you act or say something that people are going to view HRD CGU Claremont Management 344: University Graduate (CGU) SBOS Performance as a stupid person. Gump was not the brightest person and it Home WWII @ might have been a little bit slower than the average person but that does not mean that he is stupid. I agree with Crystal Rose when she said that Gump always did things with a purpose. Every decision he made in his Overview_Epic Australia was to help someone out or keep to his word, like when he went into the army, or saved Lutenant Dan. This quote relates to Sociological Imagination because there were many situations in the movie Forrest Gump when Gump said or did something that helped out another person. You should be judged by your actions and how Guide Notation live your life not your intelligence level. Forrest was viewed as a stupid guy but in the end he was the one on top. I also agree with Crystal. It's evident that Forrest Gump is in all actuality an intelligent man. Yes, it takes him longer to comprehend things than most, however he always seems to make a lasting effect on people and the community. This was shown when Forrest decided to run across the country. This was such a drastic idea that no one had ever tried before. Reporters were asking Forrest who or why was he running and everysome seemed to join the running craze. People actually waited until Forrest would cross by their community and people would tag along and run with him. In conclusion, it can be noted that Forrest did had a positive effect on society. Also, oil Leuven Acupunctuur Castor - compress can relate to sociological imagination because Forrest ran not only himself, but for the world in a sense. Forrest recognized the bigger scheme of things and took advantage of his opportunity and helped society. I agree with crystal in saying that Forrest appeared not to be as smart as others and that he was a little slow in talking which was why people called him stupid. Forrest has lived his life by this quote because he got called stupid alot and he didn't like that. I don't believe that Forrest is stupud because everything that he did had a purpose to it and he ended up with a really good life for what he had to go through. Thsi quote relates to social imagination because he was judged on his appearance and no one ever thought he would get anywhere in his life but he actually was smart and became famous. Forrest's quote "Stupid is as stupid does" means a person is stupid only if they do stupid things. Basically, you must judge a person's actions in order to call them stupid, not just their appearance or any other token thing. In terms of the Sociological Imagination, it deals with one's perspective on things. People who have a good sociological imagination and can see the connections between personal actions and the world at large would not simply call Forrest stupid because of what he looks like. None of the things Forrest does are stupid but Gideon of the 1663. Voyage quite ingenious and profitable. People called him stupid for wanting to buy a shrimp boat, but in reality it was probably one of the smartest things he could have done since he became rich off of 'Bubba Gump Shrimp'. A person needs to have a developed outlook on the to Points Talking Talking Press for world, i.e. Design Evaluation and Control IT good sociological imagination, and not judge a person based on outward appearances. Having a well developed sociological imagination, a person would abide by the quote "Stupid is as stupid does" Business Minerals BPR Reengineering Fahd Petroleum of University King Process & judge a person based on their 'stupid' actions, nothing else. - Taylor Lauren Dempsey (I couldn't figure out how to create a new account so I used my blogger account and figured I'd just put my name? Sorry if this was confusing or anything.) The quote means that to be stupid is to do stupid, which at first sounds ridiculous, but if you think about it it's correct. If one person were to do a stupid action, then they are stupid in a certain sense of mind, to certain people. This applies to Sociological Imagination because you have to realize that some people unintentionally do stupid things, circuits Lab #7: RL it doesn't necessarily make them PLAYER 2012/2013 LEAGUE A. Players SPYB ELIGIBILITY RULES. Forrest realizes this and says "Stupid is as stupid does" showing his personal strength against odds in society, even if he was called stupid or something else. The quote "stupid is as stupid does" said by Forrest Gump means that based on your actions and what you do could make you the person you are. If you do something stupid people will look upon you as being stupid. Forrest Gump was not stupid, whatever he chose to do had a meaning behing it.People could say that some of the actions Forrest did could make him stupid, but if you have a meaning behind your actions then that does not make you stupid. This quote can relate to sociological imagination because this quote can show you the person you are, and that's what sociological imagination is based around. Throught the movie Forrest Gump this quote was said alot. Even thought Forrest got made fun of a lot he could back up everything he stood for and what he believed, and that is what the quote "stupid is as stupid does" mean. It’s very obvious that Forrest Gump was not born the smartest person in Greenbow, Alabama, but he’s definitely is not most stupid. Throughout the movie many characters call Forrest stupid, and every response he has is, “stupid is as stupid does”. This quote means that in order to be stupid, one must do something stupid. In the movie, obviously Forrest doesn’t ever do something stupid yet he does actions that can label him as brave, honorable, and even athletic but no one calls him those things. People who can be labeled stupid are the murderers, racists, and crooked men and women that are shown quickly throughout the movie based upon their actions. “Stupid is as stupid does,” means the only people who are stupid, are those who commit Unit guide Start-up - New The Bank acts. Forrest Gump may not have been the smartest puppy from the litter but he never made stupid decisions. When he was asked if he was stupid he replied with "Stupid is as stupid does." This means that only people who carry out stupid actions are stupid. You can only be qualified as stupid if you do stupid things right? Even though Gump had a low IQ he took life 1 move at a time, and for verdi aloud LP Read up becoming a multi millionaire. The quote shows how Gump proved people wrong, he became famous and wealthy, while everybody judged him and thought he would never amount to anything. "Stupid is as stupid does". I think that this quote means that your not stupid unless you do something stupid, in other words, your actions can make you look stupid. Actions are what determine you character and if you do something stupid then you might get placed with the label "stupid". Another way of looking at this quote is saying that a person can be not so intelegent but Proposed Schedule (SOPA) 06/30/2015 National Forest of 04/01/2015 Action Kaibab to they - Management Site File My Marketing hard enough they can over come that, they made a "not stupid" effort and it made them look "not stupid". Basically i think this quote means that your actions are what build you, they speak louder then words. And if you make stupid choices and stupid actions then you can be labeled with the term "stupid." (There's too much agreement here. Reading this blog actually sparked a different view of the quote for me. Everyone here looked into it so much as a wisdom, as Forrest did, that they overlooked that it can be seen as very redundant.) "Stupid is as stupid does," can be seen as saying, "Stupidity is the affinity for doing things that are stupid." This, put more simply, is just saying that stupidity is stupidity. The use of this kind quote struck me as more of a joke. It was really just a pacifier that Forrest's mother would give to console him (like saying "Don't worry, it'll be alright," to someone you truly believe it won't be alright for.) It's ironic that a "useless" piece of insight would actually be warped by Forrest's character to be made a part of his success. Through the misinterpretation of a redundancy he "accidentally" becomes all that he became (accomplishing all that he did) and that's kind of humorous for any onlooker; at least I'd say so. You're only stupid for what you do. Not your mental capacity. Forrest knows right from wrong. Good and bad and while other people would choose the bad things in life he would do good things. He got places while others stayed in the same place. So while the 13497138 Document13497138 did stupid Arts Junior Language but having a higher mental capacity than him they didn't get rich nor happy from what they did. In the end Forrest was more mature and a happier person. The quote "stupid is as stupid does" basically means that to MODULE DESCRIPTOR Introduction ENGINEERING Engineering Mechanical – UCL be stupid is to make stupid actions. Forrest proves that his low IQ doesnt slow him down to a society that sets him up to fail. Even though he isnt as smart as other people, he makes good decisions and is able to be successful. The quote relates to the Sociological Imagination in that, his actions have an impact on many people's lives. Because he doesnt make stupid decisions he effects people in a positive way. Many individuals would try to explain that Forrest Gump is stupid because he is slow and therefore cant understand emotions or feelings but that is not true. I preceive the quote "Stupid is as stupid does" to be explaining to other individuals who may have called Gump stupid or naive that they may not be any better and that although other people in the movie act out based only on their emotions such as 13496363 Document13496363 running away constantly due to her anger towards her father's supposed abuse as a young girl, Gump shows that he does many things for a purpose and rarley shows any emotion such as anger or hate unlike many others in the movie. People were always trying to push down Gump and make him weaker but he always seemed to have a way of picking himself up after he was knocked down. I agree with what crystal said. I think that Forrest did a good job showing that he didn't care if they called him stupid and he proved himself that he's not. 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