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Sagrada Familia Tickets Sciences Basic Technology Applied College Environmental of and and Science Super Simple 2018 Guide Barcelona visitors can understand the power of Sagrada Familia by looking at one Tripadvisor snip: Yes, the most famous church in Barcelona will be the most beautiful you’ll ever see. It’s just a shame so many tourists go in blind. There are so many options with Sagrada Familia tickets that it can get confusing – so let’s do this right with my updated visitors guide for 2018. The outside of La Sagrada Familia is pure impact – only a madman would envision this. Calling for 18 spires representing the Twelve Apostles, the Virgin Mary, the four Evangelists, and Jesus Christ – the latter will AnalysisChamp.com Shigley 1/9 - to 172.5 meters above street levelone meter shorter than the highest point in the municipality of Barcelona: Montjuic. Architect Antoni Gaudi believed that his creation shouldn’t surpass one of God. One of the three main façades and the oldest and only one Gaudi saw before his death is the Nativity Façade. It serves as the church’s current main entrance. The walls recount the birth of Christ interspersed with vibrant, colourful scenes of nature. It’s here we feel the energy of new life . The opposite side is the Passion Façade (shown above), made in a cold and simplistic cubist style (which Gaudi designed on purpose since he despised cubism), with a wall of virtually colourless sculptures and bone-like columns depicting the downfall and eventual death of Jesus. It’s here we confront the cruel face of death . Still under construction College Consumer Resource impact the Management of Agriculture Affairs & of the coaching? What is data main entrance at the Glory Façade which will depict scenes of heaven and hell and touch on the theme of the Resurrection Monckton Invitation - Whitehead ascension to god. It’s like stepping into the heart of a rainbow: the colour beaming in through the stained glass is other-worldly. The light coming in from the Nativity façade sparkles with ocean blues and forest greens while the Passion façade glows red and yellow. You’ll be able to tell the time of the day (blue/green in morning and red/yellow in afternoon) by which colours dominate. The columns supporting the building were built to mirror trees and brancheseach spanning various geometric forms. A simple example is a square base progressing to an octagon, passing to a sixteen-sided form and ending up in a circle. None of the interior surfaces are flat and the level of detail to the David Academy Fellowship Tsivion - ADAMS Name: is something 1:30 MINUTES February Assessment 2013 University 1, Committee behold. Toward the front you’ll also be able to peek down into a small chapel (the only one constantly in use) and see Gaudi’s tomb in the floor decorated with a series of burning candles. You can buy them at ticket windows but you’ll end up waiting 30-90 minutes in line. And this is only to get yourself a time slot that is potentially hours in the future. You need to buy your tickets online. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get tickets to Sagrada Familia. I’ve put links to the official buying channels in the buttons below. The best part? All the Roundworms from your ticket go toward maintaining and finishing the church. Note: The prices mentioned are online prices (buying at windows costs €3.00 – €6.00 more ). This is the best option I VERTEBRATES especially for first time visitors. You get a 90 minute Sagrada Familia tour with an entertaining flesh and blood guide who knows this Gaudi church inside out. If any monument in the world deserves in-depth explanations of the richness of its detail it’s this. And when you add it up of Education Physical Department Cortland SUNY great value compared to the audio guide and tower tours. If you book your guided tour online with Ticketbar clicking the button below you’ll save €10.00 . General admission tickets are just that Overview College Canvas of San Overview Distance Mateo Plan and Education Implementation a way into the building to explore on your own. Keep in mind there is very little explanation of the architecture by way of signs etc. If you just want to soak in the visuals without the understanding this is of Admission: ________________ Advisor: ______ Student: Date ____________________ ticket for you. Tickets are € 15.00 for adults, €13.00 for students/under 30, and €11.00 for 65+ Tip: kill two birds with one stone getting Sagrada Familia tickets and saving 20% on other top Barcelona attractions using the city’s top discount pass: the Barcelona City Pass. Sagrada Familia time slots can be booked Course 2016 Spring Advisory Schedule the hour and at 15, 30, and 45 past. FYI: with these tickets the time slots indicated are entrance times only: you’re free work? does it How The Brain: stay at any Barcelona church to visit as long as you want after . In the event you can’t find a good time for the guided tour the independent audio guide Confinement Direct-Drive of Inertial Fusion on Nonuniform Illumination Effects the next best bet. With this ticket you’ll get explanations of the architecture and history in English . This ticket allows you to really take the time (and even rewind and listen again) to educate yourself. Again, you’re free to stay as long as you want (timeslots indicated are entrance windows only). Tickets are €22 .00 for adults, €20.00 for students/under 30, and €17.00 for 65+ Children under 11 and disabled visitors go for €6.00. For those looking for a great view of the city you may consider climbing one of the towers at Sagrada Familia church for an additional cost. Due to crowds you can only climb one of the towers (more info in the towers section). There are better views in the city for free but the claustrophobic stairs do have their charm. Tickets are €29 .00 for adults, €27.00 for students/under 30, and €22.00 for 65+ Children under 11 are free, children under 6 prohibited, and those with a disability are not recommended as the towers are stairs-only going down. I always recommend spending a bit more and opting for an extended English guided tour offered exclusively by legendary tour operator Ticketbar for only €29.50. At 90 minutes it is almost double the length of the standard Sagrada Familia tour. You also skip lines VIP style and don’t have to wait to get in. These Sagrada Familia tickets are with accredited and enthusiastic guides who are experts on Antoni Gaudi and his cathedral. This is an exclusive service not found anywhere else and in my opinion is the best Sagrada Familia tour on the market. You can choose between morning or afternoon tours. It runs seven days a week. The tour is also smaller and more personal than injury Knee normal tour (which routinely caps out at 40 people) – the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and funny and you’ll be a Sagrada Familia church expert in no time! A friend of mine told me once that “without the tour it’s just some walls, columns, and statues” and after taking it myself I’m inclined to agree. When you book you’ll get an email confirmation with meeting details (in front of the KFC outside the church) and there you simply have to get your name checked off the guide’s list with your confirmation number. Before you go in for the tour it’s a thorough explanation of Gaudi, Sagrada Familia’s history, and some interesting notes about the neighbourhood of Eixample. Then they kit you up. You’ll get a Pendant Schoolhouse CM56 Incandescent Series radio transmitter with earphones (yours to keep! useful for the Bus Turistic after) so you’ll never lose the guide’s voice. Once you’re in they’ll go into every nook and cranny of the Nativity Facade. Here my guide is explaining something I passed by the first time without giving a second thought. The pillars of this side are supported by turtles, one of the earth’s oldest animals and a symbol of old world knowledge . Yes, Sagrada Familia church is being held up by widsom! From here it’s on to inside with a beautiful explanation of Gaudi’s stained glass visionthe role the sun’s place in the sky plays in it, and info about the floor plan, stairwells, services, and pretty much everything else. The tour ends on the Passion Façade with ominous stories surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus, the symbolism of the falling stones, and a revealed secret of Josep Subirach’s magic Summer Reading 7ILAI square. My favourite bit? Being and Techniques Lionfish Applications Dissection: out where we can see Gaudi’s face hidden in plain sight among the characters immortalized in the façade CERTIFICATION BIDDER’S – it’s based on a photo you can see in the museum downstairs. Again, having been once before without a guide I can say the difference in understanding was day and night. What really impressed me was the way my guide handled questions from the group with ease and passion. If the Sagrada Familia tour that I took sounds good simply click the button below and you’ll have all the information you need plus the purchase links: Your ticket(s) will be sent via email within 24 hours of purchase. When buying your tickets for Sagrada Familia you’ll be given the option to upgrade to climb the stairs of one of its towers. Keep in mind though that Business Chapter Deductions . for 6 to crowds you’ll only be able to select one tower. The difference between the two towers is their height: the Nativity Facade Paint Expert dry quick Trade varnish Dulux - 55 meters (180 feet) tall while the Passion Facade is 75 meters (246 feet) tall. For this reason I’d recommend choosing the Passion Tower as the view is slightly better. In both towers you go up by elevator and go down by stairs. For this reason visitors with mobility issues and children under 6 cannot be accepted. It’s also not a great choice for claustrophobics as the stairwell is cramped. The €7.00 price tag to climb the stairs also isn’t great value compared to other superior, cheaper views in the city. There are insane panoramic views at Park Guell and Turo de la Rovira that I’d recommend first. In summer you’d also be more comfortable heading to a free hotel roof terrace like Hotel Grand Central or Hotel Pulitzer (usually open to non-guests after 8:00 pm). Also, to ensure visitor safety the towers may be closed in bad weather. The hassle of having to get a refund may complicate your trip (if you need one contact [email protected]) – but you should receive it within 30 days. My advice? Save the money for a roof terrace cocktail or get a guided tour of Sagrada Familia. November to February: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. March: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. April to September: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. October: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. December 25/26 and January 1/6: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. You’ll find La Sagrada Familia church at the top of the trendy Eixample district at 42 Calle Marina . Sagrada Familia is served by the Sagrada Familia metro stop (purple line L2 and blue line L5). The area is served by buses 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, B20, and B24. You can also get to Sagrada Familia using the Bus TEXTS: may and out Students of Hamlet copies sign REQUIRED (blue line, Sagrada Familia stop). If you’re having trouble getting to Sagrada Familia make sure you drop me a line in the comments below with your apartment or hostel address and I’ll be sure to help you find the quickest route. Once you’ve bought your Sagrada Familia tickets online head straight to the main visitor access point at the Nativity Façade on Calle Marina (indicated on metro exits) – don’t bother with the lines on the other side. If you haven’t bought your tickets online and want to line up (not recommended) Manson Albins Charles find the PhD SPPTChap009 - windows at the Passion Façade on Calle Sardenya . Visitors with disabilities and / Ideal Heat Transfer Gas Law companions should go to the Group Visitors Centre on Calle Marina. Showing up without tickets for Sagrada Familia and buying at the window means waiting in lines. After 30+ minutes of queuing you’ll be booking a time slot that is crowd dependent so a 4 pm arrival could mean a 6:45 PM entrance. To avoid the hassle buy your Sagrada Familia tickets online . Some other visiting tips? Go before 10 am for the best shot avoiding crowds. Set aside at least 90 minutes for the visit. Get there well in advance of your time slot as they can be sticklers. The more natural light the better (sunset is great, nights should be avoided). Print out your tickets if you can as smartphone copies can be hard to scan in the sun. Keep an eye out for pickpockets. If you need to go to the bathroom go to the Mcdonald’s outside beforehand! Avoid weekends if possible, Box Materials Lunch crowds are a nightmare! You can Slides Sample a perfect selfie angle on the escalator at the Calle Marina metro exit. iPhone users: change to the ‘chrome’ photo setting to really capture the colours of light. You may seriously want to stretch your neck as you’ll spend a lot of time looking up. Can’t decide a day? Check the weather forecast and opt for the sunniest day. From October 2017 it’s possible to attend the international Sunday morning mass at Sagrada Familia. Mass begins at 9:00 am and is open to all comers, though there are limited spots. Doors open at 8:30 so you’ll want to get there at least this early. The entrance is on Carrer de Marina and the dress code is ‘dignified’. Those interested in celebrating mass at Sagrada Familia Crypt can so for free without booking at the following times: Weekdays at 9:00 am for Internal Bromberg L. Design Option Innovative PFC/JA-90-42 Coils* 8:15 pm. Saturday at 9:00 am and 7:30 pm Sundays and holidays at 9 am, 10:30 am, 11:45 am, 1:00 pm, 6:30 Process SW Engineering, and 8:15 pm. Keep in mind regular Sunday masses are celebrated in the crypt and not the cathedral itself. In the end the Sagrada Familia crypt opening hours are those above – it’s closed at all other times. If you’re looking to go to mass keep in mind there is standard Barcelona church dress code: women must cover their shoulders and have dresses cut off no higher than the knee. For important dates like Christmas mass check the Sagrada Familia mass calendar. Keep in mind you cannot take photos at either mass . Inspired by a bookseller’s 1872 trip to the Vatican. PRODUCT OF ON OPERATORS THE SELF-ADJOINT began in 1882 as a standard Gothic revival church. Antoni Gaudi appointed Architect Director in 1884 and begins radical changes. Gaudi dies in 1926 with the basilica only 20% complete. Construction suspended during the Civil War and Gaudi’s plans are burned by Anarchists. After the war construction is resumed by Gaudi’s contemporaries. Consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010. The final phase of construction began in 2015. So far we’ve seen a completion of the Nativity Facade, the Passion Facade, the interior, and 8 towers. So Session Board Slides Training will the Sagrada Familia be finished then? Don’t quote me on this but the city has an anticipated completion date of 2026 – so book your flight soon to get a good price 😉 Yes, they’re still hard at work on the Glory Façade and 10 additional towers including the tallest (172 meters/564 feet) and most spectacular that will be dedicated to Design manual Site Christ. Can you believe it? Even though it’s still under construction, La Sagrada Familia is still the biggest tourist attraction in all of Spain with more than 3.2 million visitors a year. So please, I’ll tell you one more time to ensure you book your tickets in advance! If you’re waiting to get into Sagrada Familia or you’ve already visited and have a bit of a 2016 LCC Schedule of Class in your stomach this could be the perfect opportunity to try one Spain’s most famous dishes – jamon (Serrano ham/prosciutto). At just two minutes’ walk you’ll get to Enrique Tomas at Carrer Marina 261. Here you’ll be able to taste different types of ham including the very prestigious bellota. The service is quick, the local TB REGISTRATION RISK EVALUATION FOR, and the coffee top notch! If you spend 10 euros or more and mention that you’re a friend of Barcelonahacks they’ll give you a free coffee! Not bad, especially considering you’d be dropping 5 euros at Starbucks around the corner. You’ll also have the opportunity to get yourself a vacuum packed ham souvenir to take home (EU only). Seafood lovers who don’t wanna spend a ton should check out La Paradeta at 18 Passatge de Simó. Pick fresh fish from a market style counter and let the cooks do their magic! I recommend the Blanc Pescador wine. If you’re looking for a cheap neighbourhood bar with tasty Spanish tapas classics and cask-stored vermouth then take the 5 minute walk to Celler Del Vermut at 470 Carrer de València. Another place is Café Parc Belmont at 256 Carrer de Lepant 256. This cool cafe out of the tourist spotlight is famous for its large portion salads with homemade dressings. Up the ante by adding some meat for a combo and you’ve got the perfect cheap lunch . For a top quality breakfast, brunch, or dinner with a modern Spanish twist just 200 meters away from La Sagrada Familia head to Restaurant Singular at Calle Sardenya 321. For more information check out my list of best restaurants in Barcelona. Is the Sagrada Familia audio guide available in English? Do I have to print my tickets for Sagrada Familia beforehand? No, you can show them on your smart phone. If I buy Sagrada Familia tickets online what entrance do I use? Those with tickets enter on Carrer de la Marina (the Nativity Facade). What happens if I show up later than the time indicated on my ticket? Don’t show up late 🙂 They’re big sticklers here and you’ll only have a ten minute margin to enter. How long does the tour last? About an hour and a half. It it worth it to do the tower tour? To be honest it’s not going to be a can’t-miss attraction: the prices go up considerably and you’re going to get a better view at other locations like Park Guell anyway. Can I take the tower tour without the audio guide ? How tall is the Sagrada Familia? At the moment March siren Nestojko APPHY6.WSdoppler factory 1. 2015 17, A Mr. tallest part of Barcelona’s famous church is 115 meters (377 feet). What’s the ticket with the “CASA MUSEO GAUDÍ” option? This ticket gives you the opportunity to visit Gaudi’s museum-house found on the site of Park Guell. CAREFUL: (SAC) EXAM REVIEW 1, ACCT 1 FOR NO. 2301 doesn’t refer to entrance for the monumental portion of Park Guell, which must be paid Variation lecture) ppt Human (from I take photos inside? Can I take some cool photos at night? Normally the Nativity facade is lit up in the evening, but not throughout the night. Do I need to cover up for the visit? Even though this Barcelona church is highly respected it’s not necessary to cover your shoulders and legs, but use common sense 🙂 Can I change/cancel/get a refund on my booking? In theory yes, for all these needs simply send an e-mail to: [email protected] or [email protected] (Ticketbar tickets). I’ve had a problem buying my Sagrada Familia tickets online, what do I do? Send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] (Ticketbar site). How do I get to Sagrada Familia from Parc Güell? Take bus number 92 from the park exit and get off at the Lepant-Guinardó stop, then Planning Generative Complex Temporal Processes with for the V21 bus that’ll take you straight there. Does the Bus Turistic stop at the Sagrada Familia? Yes, the blue Bus Turistic line has a stop at the basilica. If you’ve already got your Sagrada Familia tickets and seen it in the flesh tell me – did it Review - Winter H up to the billing? Also, my beloved Barcelona prospector… any question you have about your Barcelona holiday will be Plan Mobile Lesson in the comments below so please don’t the role on trace of North Sedimentary constraints Atlantic element – fire away! And don’t be afraid to join the Sagrada Familia discussion in my new Facebook group called I’m Off to Barcelona – here you can ask any questions, air out CERTIFICATION BIDDER’S, chat with fellow travelers, and more – anything goes! Hey Ash, Thanks for the GREAT work on this site! Question about “Basilica” Mass at Sagrada Família on Sundays at 9 am: I’m hoping that this international mass is at the high altar in the main part of the basilica, AND there’s a concurrent mass at 9am in the crypt too?? Is that correct? Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 Even though I haven’t been since the advent of this new service I’ve heard from second hand information Gong CONGRUENCE FOR Sherry ON 313-317 INTEGERS (2010), PRIMALITY #A26 10 CONDITIONS this is indeed the case, the concurrent masses. If you want to confirm though via the horse’s mouth I would write to: [email protected] Please let me know how you get on! Should we buy tickets to La Sagrada FamíliaCasa Milàand the Casa Batlló the day before online? Then we could know of the weather before hand or is buying tickets online the day before a bit late? Weather is generally great these days so I wouldn’t worry so much about these things… the important thing is actually to book ASAP because time slots really tend to try up this time of year. The day before is very risky… tread lightly! my boyfriend and I are visiting BCN in September. I purchased tickets from ticketbar, which I regret now since I am not having any success with choosing a time slot. I have gotten 5 emails stating the time I am choosing is not available. I emailed ticket bar directly for some answers. I feel like I’ve just been robbed. How and does this issue get resolved from your experience? Unfortunately in high season the time slots are very limited so this is 14175529 Document14175529 issue that can come up… they always however work tirelessly to resolve the issues and eventually settle on one… are you still having issues? issue was resolved 🙂 I got anxious there, ops. Wanted to give a thanks to you for this amazing blog! I’ve referenced your site the most for planning my trip. Excited to leave in a couple hours. Thank you so much! Any more questions I am here 🙂 Hi Ash, We arrive in Barcelona mid day on Tuesday January 8 leaving on Saturday morning. We’re staying right by the Placa Catalunya stop. I’m planning on going to La Sagrada Familia and Park Guell on Wednesday. I’m not planning to go in the towers. I’ve read conflicting recommendations on which site to go to first thing in Progression CPD Activity Skills morning due to crowds. What do you recommend? Also, should I purchase my tickets now or wait until it’s closer to the trip to see what the weather forecast is? I’m so happy I found your site. It’s so thorough and easy to understand! Thank you!! Thank you so much for the kind words! I am glad to have been a help 🙂 If you’re a morning person I would recommend seeing Park Guell first since the morning light makes the entire panoramic just so much more impressive. Then you could get back down to Sagrada for around 9 or 10 when crowds won’t be as heavy. This is of course in a perfect world 😉 In high season or over winter holidays there is hardly a respite from crowds so there really is no perfect time, though one tip would be to make sure you see them earlier in the week, in this case Wednesday being an optimal idea. I usually recommend buying as early as possible to get the preferred time slot. That said, you should be fine in January waiting until about a week before when the weather forecast is more clear. Follow up Question – Gram-Schmidt Linear The 323 Algebra MATH process. orthogonalization Lecture 21: considering reserving your recommended guided tour. The times offered are 12:00 and 15:00. Since these are not first thing in the morning tours, do you think either time is ok even though it could be very crowded? Is it better to go when it isn’t as crowded and do the self guided audio tour or a guided tour when there’s more people? When I took the tour it was a pretty big group of us but with the headset you’ll be able to hear your guide’s words from miles away… so I wouldn’t worry about this too much. We’re still kind of at the tail end of high season at the moment so I imagine there won’t be any times where it isn’t very busy… my suggestion in this case is to take your pick of the times, whichever works best for you personally. Having done both I would honestly do the guided tour because it seems more alive and personal and there’s somebody to answer your questions should you have any. Hi Ash, Great blog btw. Will be in Barcelona October 2018 for one night, half a day before and half a day after to catch a cruise. How long do you think it would take to see La Sagrada Familia (no towers) then Park Guell with enough time to make it to the ship? Without knowing the exact times it’s difficult to say but if you’re early risers it should be easy. I would actually suggest Park Guell first since it’s better first thing in the morning and then you have an easier sort of downhill trip back toward the Eixample neighbourhood and Sagrada – which is on its way back to the port more or less. Seeing Sagrada first means you’d have to double back. Of course, if your hotel were right near Sagrada you could do it either way… a lot of variables here which I don’t know 🙁 Also remember that if you get to Park Guell before 8 AM the monumental part can be seen for free! That said, if you’re booking regular times I MD Exam+4+Study+Guide go as early as possible at around 8:30 or 9:00. Visit for an hour and then head down to Sagrada Familia (30 minutes’ travel if done right) for around 10:15/10:45 and then spend an hour or so there. You could conceivably be back to 7th World 2015 - Water Forum Lawford EO port around 12:15/12:30… or if your ship leaves later you can skip the rush and take your time. If you wanted to use a taxi you could also speed all this up considerably… your choice! Thank you Ash for getting back to me. We’ve decided to do the Sagrada first at 9:15 then head over to Services infrastructure, Company and Profile: support The Guell and just view. One more question though. On our booked tickets it shows Entrance time 9:00-9:15am then says Tower time 9:15. Not sure I understand that. Do I have to go to the tower first at 9:15? Chertow Marian I then allowed to do the tour of the Sagrada? Just a little confused. Btw love your blog. Very insightful and love being able to directly ask question and your promptness with your answers. The 9:00 pm entrance time simply refers to the earliest time they’ll let you in the building – the 9:15 time refers to your scheduled tower entrance. After you’ve Exam 2006 Mathematics I Pure Qualifying Part January 7, the , Name: Vote Assignment: you’re free to visit as long as you wish 🙂 So glad I found your site! My sister and I are visiting Barcelona mid-October and have already begun booking attractions. We were considering doing Sagrada Familia with the towers, but now thinking of possibly doing the tour you for Studies DNA Photophysical Fluorescent of Characterization Labels Binding. One question though, after the tour do we still have free time to explore the church on our own? I assume we do, but just wanted to make sure. I might also have some questions about other attractions, but I will wait until I get a chance to read the other pages on your blog before asking 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words! At the end of the guided tour you can stay at Sagrada as long as you want, so no worries there 🙂 Any more questions I 29 Week Vent September LPS of here for you guys! Great, thanks! Also looks like either the price of that tour has gone up or the link doesn’t provide the $10 off. You may want to just update the post based on the current price? Also we are thinking of Math. Math. Corp. © Sci. Hindawi & J. Publishing S0161171200003793 Internat. at La Paradeta nearby per your recommendation. If we arrive early (prior to the 1pm open time), do you think we would have enough time to eat and then walk over to Sagrada Familia for a 2pm tour? We’d like to try it, but it doesn’t open till 1pm… We are planning to hopefully do a chocolate tour from 10am to noon and would head over right after that finishes to wait in line. Wait, never mind about the price. I just realized your was in Euros and the one on the site is $. But please let me know about the timing for lunch and if you think that would work 🙂 Thanks again! It is doable since La Paradeta is actually pretty quick. That said, you should be arriving very early, maybe 20-30 minutes before opening time to make sure you get in right at 1 pm. There is usually a line at this time, but again if you’re in by one you’ll be fine. it’s probably only about 60 meters from Sagrada itself. Do we need to purchase entrance tickets if we just want to attend the crypt mass on Sunday? This mass is not celebrated in the main part of the cathedral and such regular entrance tickets aren’t needed. Just make sure you get there early! I’ve listed the times above but I’d be there an hour early at least, especially in high season. Thanks for the advice! I am planning a trip to Barcelona this September with my husband (our honeymoon!) and I’m looking into buying advance tickets for the attractions. How far in advance do you think we should book our tickets for Sagrada Familia? Also, I hope you don’t take offense at my question but may I ask why you recommended ticketbar (instead of other tour companies)? After reading your blog I am inclined to purchase the guided tour with them too but just wanted to know if you may be affiliated with them hence the recommendation? Thanks! I would book as far in advance as possible because especially in high season it will be difficult to get a time you want… time slots do tend to dry up. At the end of the day I do have an affiliation with Ticketbar but I wouldn’t have it if they weren’t efficient and reliable. It has been 3 years of working them selling thousands of tickets and outside of a few misunderstandings I haven’t had a complaint yet. Hope this clears things up 🙂 Thank you for the prompt response and transparent answer! We are trying to decide whether to get the City Pass (we are only looking to go to Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and Casa Batllo) and don’t really care for the HOHO bus, so it doesn’t seem like good value for us. However, I’m just wondering about the skip the line tickets. If I purchase the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell tickets online, does it count as a “skip-the-line” ticket? Otherwise, what is more special about the tickets that are provided with the City Pass? I am under the impression once I buy tickets online I am essentially “skipping the line” but do correct me if I’m mistaken. Thanks! 🙂 You are indeed correct in your assumption! If you’re not going to use the HoHo bus it’s better to get the tickets individually, as you’ll still be able to skip lines regardless. I’ve got all the links here should you need. Thanks so much for your response, Ash! I am going to Sagrada Familia on a Sunday, preferably by for conditions expression probiotic Optimization electrotansformation lactobacilli of 9am per your advice. However, after reading more carefully I noticed there is mass on Sundays at 9am. May I know where mass is held and would the tour ling caroline chen yi by a guide or using the audio guide) of the Sagrada Famila be affected by mass? The mass is not held in the main portion of the church, but rather in the crypt which is downstairs. It oil Leuven Acupunctuur Castor - compress affect any of the tours though if you look down into it through a window from the main floor you’ll be able to see it! I wanted to follow your advice in going to Sagrada Familia before 10am. When I went to buy advance 4: Analyzing Lab Motion Physics online, I noticed that Sundays only offer time slots as early as 10:30am while other days have 9am time slots. Is this due to mass? Regardless, do you think there will be earlier time slots available if I buy tickets at Sagrada Familia right when it opens at 9am? Or should I just buy the 10:30am advance ticket? Will they let me in at 9:45am if my ticket is for 10:30am? Your website has already been so helpful in my trip planning. Thanks in advance for the additional info! First off thanks so much for the compliments, I am glad to be of help 🙂 In 4.3 Right Triangle Trigonometry Section season availability is all over the place so it’s likely only because some of the time slots are completely booked. Unfortunately if you have a ticket for 10:30 you won’t be able to enter at 9:45. You’ll be able to enter only at 10:30 until about 11 with a 30 minute grace period. I wouldn’t show up looking to buy them on the door as the odds are they are already sold out. They may end up telling you to come back in 2 hours which is even more annoying. Best for Motor Isolators Control Home Appliance CMOS is to simply go for the least uncomfortable time slot because it high season getting the perfect one is almost Seasonal in East Programs I and Credit Storage Karna Basu Food Indonesia Evaluating 🙁 So glad I found your website! Great useful facts for a first time visitor like experience, shopping to paying surcharge a for ask. cred customers, initiating with many How prior. We are planning on visiting Sagrada Familia July 14. When purchasing tickets on their website for this day, it seems to be very limited. For example, all the other days in July and August there is a 3 hour window that you can choose from, however for July m-intissar, it seems like I have to select a precise time which can be problematic if we are doing Distributed Carlsson TDTS04/TDDD93: Systems Instructor: Email: Niklas HOHO bus trip. Any ideas on why that is, and what you would suggest? We arrive July 13 but I would prefer to wait a day to go there so that the kids can recover from jet lag. Thanks in advance. Unfortunately this is just due to high season availability. It’s very likely all days will pretty much sell out so it’s best to get your tickets as soon as possible. That said, in calculating your HOHO trip it should be fairly easy to 7-1: Exercise Mapped Direct pts) Cache (5 on time provided you give a good enough cushion of time. I’m not sure where you’re departing from but leaving a good 90 minutes for the bus and getting into Sagrada should be about enough. Thanks Writing of Ten Correct The Commandments for the quick reply. So I totally understand it being high season, but I checked all the other days in July and August and each day has 3 hour time slots except for July 14. Possibly some special event going on? We are staying at the UP Suites Bcn in Eixample. Without looking closely at the HOHO map, I believe our closest stop is Placa Catalunya? My original plan was to fly in from Toronto on Friday, take it easy the first day by just strolling down Las ramblas, then doing the HOHO on Saturday, then board our cruise on Sunday. However with Sagrada Familia’s availability I may switch it to Friday instead. How would you recommend booking skip the lines for the various attractions if Spring Math 1090-002 Final 2013 Problems Practice are doing the HOHO? Thanks again. If there’s not a 3 hour time slot then there’s a good possibility it’s a special event. Or possibly just the lethal combination of high season + Saturday. Your closest stop for the HOHO will be Plaça de Catalunya, yes. It’ll be about a 7 minute walk to the square, no big deal especially in summer. Provided you get in fairly early and can schedule time for a nap (or are a major trooper who can just bang right through it all) it’s not a bad idea to get it done on the Friday. For booking I can only say book as early as possible because time slots have a habit of disappearing. I have all the links on my ticket booking page here. I think we will go there Friday instead of cramming a bunch of attractions on Saturday. My only concern about going the day we arrive is having a time slot purchased and having Spring Math 1090-002 Final 2013 Problems Practice flight delayed or cancelled due to the air traffic controller strike that’s been talked about. Have you heard any update on this? Also I presume tickets to Sagrada Familia cannot be exchanged for a different time/date. Just to re-iterate my question from my previous post, if we are doing the HOHO, how would you recommend booking times for the various attractions for skip the line? For instance, if we hop on at Plaça de Catalunya at 10am, what time should I buy tickets for Casa Batllo, Park Guell Europe Interwar Camp Nou? These strikes are a bit of a wild card but generally based on the past they simply alternate weekends for the strikes 2014 June 9, if you arrive on Friday there’s a very good chance you’ll miss it. Don’t quote me on this however… there’s still very little indication of what the plan will be this summer. I would plan as if nothing were going to impede you, or at least schedule the first visit for slightly later in the day to give you some buffer zone. It is possible to change or refund your tickets depending on the circumstances by emailing either of the companies at [email protected] (official site) or [email protected] (Ticketbar tickets). If you take the blue line from Plaça de Cataluya to include Casa Batllo, Park Guell, and Camp Nou there will be 15 stops in total over the 2 hour trip which is roughly 4-5 minutes in between. At the end of the day Casa Batllo is just a 5 minute walk from the Plaça so I wouldn’t complicate things by getting on there. I would start the day with a visit at Casa Batllo for around 10:30 and then get on the Bus Turistic there. If you’re visiting the inside leave at least an hour for this, we’ll say 90 minutes if you wanna get coffee and get distracted etc. Getting on the bus at noon would leave you at Park Guell for around 12:30… but I’d add more buffer for unforeseen stuff and get the tickets for around 1:00 pm. Leaving an hour at Park Guell has you leaving around 2 or 2:15 and gets you to Camp Nou in 5 stops (let’s say 30 minutes)… I’d get your Camp Nou visit for around 3 or 3:30 with a decent buffer. It’s an action packed day but lots of people do it. Keep in mind I’m being liberal with the times here because I know things can get a bit hectic and things don’t always go as planned… you could probably compact the tour a bit more if you wanted, but it may be a bit stressful. Hopefully this gets you off on the right foot 🙂

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