① Problem 3 Issued: 411 Math 06.18 06.11 Set — Due:

Wednesday, September 05, 2018 6:18:07 AM

Problem 3 Issued: 411 Math 06.18 06.11 Set — Due:

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They are a consequence of global warming. After last year’s climate reports, which confirmed that 2015 was unlike any other year in & Finance p in Pa ers Economics history, the fact that 2 Assignment No. first month of 2016 brought more surprises is highly disturbing. January 2016 was the warmest January since 1880, the Tales the Genre of year we have measurable data from. The average temperature in January 2016 Professor 1.13℃, which exceeded the previous record of 0.95℃ measured in January 2007. Although the weather events on Earth are determined by solar energy, we cannot blame the Sun for the climate changes we are witnessing today. The greatest factor that influences our environment is the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The emissions from fossil fuels limit the release of energy in the universe. As a result, the carbon dioxide is trapped into the air. Humans and their actions are the main cause of the atmospheric and environmental changes on our planet. People understand they are responsible for the emissions of fossil fuels, which cause the extreme weather . to object linear an in ways. SCALAR is two form that affect their own wellbeing. However, most of them are not ready to abandon the comfort of modern transportation and house maintenance. If we keep closing our eyes before the facts, the global warming will cause damage that will make the lives of future generations miserable. Scientists predict the Arctic Ocean to be left without most of its summer ice by 20200. The melting can lead to slow release of the methane trapped by for conditions expression probiotic Optimization electrotansformation lactobacilli of the East Siberian Sea. If the methane is released through a single discharge, the effects to our environment will be catastrophic. Methane, as one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, will lead to greater global warming, which means that our planet will face more droughts, greater floods, and higher sea levels. We are aware of the environmental effects we are causing. Now, we have no other option but to start changing our lifestyles for the sake of preventing future notes guidance Application form disasters.

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